Charlotte's Animation Corner

 A simple piece inspired by the music ‘If Elephants Could Fly’ by Marcus Warner

Elephants Fly Prieview.jpg

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

A leaflet created for a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist business starting in Rochester. To get the look the client wanted, I had to recreate the sunrise image on the front page. 

Koula Prieview.jpg

My Baker

For a bespoke cake and pastry baker start up in the Falkland Islands. The client wanted 50's cartoon of a woman carrying a basket of bread and a cake. 

my baker.jpg

Wow Saddles - Equitana Stand Banner


Banner for First Thought (Equine) LTD - Wow Saddles stand at Equitana. The aim was to convey all the special features of a Wow saddle in one banner with just words. 

Wow Saddles StandPrieview.jpg

Whitstable Reiki 

A leaflet created for a new Reiki business starting in Whitstable. I also created a social media page (Facebook) to accompany the leaflet.  

Whitstable Reiki Prieview.jpg

Baby Lady 

A series of leaflets created for the Baby Lady, a local business which sells all types of baby products, 'Think Baby, Think Baby Lady'. 

Baby Lady Prieview_2.jpg